Ottawa Valley SCI Chapter
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About Ottawa Valley SCI Chapter

a. To advocate, preserve and protect the rights of all hunters;
b. To promote safe, legal and ethical hunting and related activities;
c. To monitor, support, educate or otherwise take positions on local, national and international legislative, executive, judicial or organizational endeavours that foster and support these purposes and objectives, within the limits imposed by law and regulation; 
d. To inform and educate the public concerning hunting and related activities; and
e. To conduct any other activities set forth in SCI’s Articles of Incorporation.
Our Mission
President             Dave Deacon
Past President     Len Dickinson
Vice-President     John Devenish
Secretary             Rob Abramenko
Treasurer             Dwight James
Liaison                John Devenish

Board Member     Tony Feranda
Board Member     Steve Miller
Board Member     Glen Vodden
Board Member     Amy Stevens

Ottawa Valley Board of Directors